Foto Friday – Launching Dreams (New Bedford Whaling Museum)

Lagoda under construction - New Bedford Whaling Museum

I stumbled upon this cool photo this morning on the New Bedford Whaling Museum’s Flickr photostream. The model of the Lagoda has fueled a lot of young sailors dreams including mine many, many decades ago and my 5 year old son Luke’s currently. Check out The World’s Largest Ship Model for more.

Luke on the Lagoda

The New Bedford Whaling Museum has posted a really great selection of photographs and copies of artwork on Flickr, many of which are available for purchase via their Window Back Gallery. (Copies of that it is!)

Hopefully this collection will whet your appetite because there is nothing better than seeing art up close and in person and climbing aboard the Lagoda and dreaming of going to sea.

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My friend John over at designed the above logo and wrote a very thoughtful post about the election. Just in case you somehow arrived here without reading it, please go now. Thanks.

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R.I.P. C.W. Spangenberger

02spangenberger_190 The Sunday New York Times for November 2, 2008 reported the death of C.W. Spangenberger, the last president the Cornell Steamboat Company. I wasn’t familiar with Mr. Spangenberger but his obituary was fascinating and I encourage you to read it.

Clarence W. Spangenberger — who died on Oct. 21 in Rhinebeck, N.Y., at the age of 102 — was the last president of what for many years, with its more than 60 vessels, was the largest tugboat company in the United States, and maybe the biggest in the world.

Read about his fascinating life here.

More about the Cornell Steamboat Company at the Hudson River Maritime Museum

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