Sea(cret) Santa (24 days left): Monkey’s Fist Doorstop

Monkeys fist

It’s already December 1st and you probably haven’t done your Holiday shopping yet. Just 24 shopping days left and Sea-cret Santa is here to help with some some nautical gift and stocking stuffer suggestions. Happy Holidays!

From Design Within Reach:

A rope knot, or monkey’s fist, has traditionally been used to weight the end of a heaving line being thrown from a ship to a dock. Such knots have also been stuffed into cracks for use as rock-climbing anchors. As doorstops or bookends, these handcrafted knots continue to serve a useful purpose while maintaining their nautical feel. The loop handle is useful for carrying the Rope Doorstop from room to room. No chemicals or bleach have been added to the Manila rope, which is a high-quality natural fiber that comes from the easily renewable Abaca plant. The fiber from this plant is very durable and resistant to salt water damage, making the Rope Doorstop suitable for outdoor use. Made in England. Weight: 4.5lbs. Price was $98.00 Now: $83.30

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