Sea(cret) Santa (23 Days Left): Bathboat

wieki somers bath boat

Just 23 shopping days left and the Sea(cret) Santa is here to help with some some nautical gift and stocking stuffer suggestions.

Ever feel like you want to drift away in your bath? Well, Dutch designer Wieki Somers has just the thing. Her amazing Bathboat is made of wood and epoxy resin in a limited edition of 30. Since it’s really more of a work of art than a bathroom fixture it will set you back about $25,000. (PFD’s not included)

From Wieki Somers website:

Floating in the water and bathing in the water deal with so much similar feelings and elements that they are combined in one installation. By turning a small boat inside out it becomes a bath. The bath tub legs make you think of the wooden frame on which the boat usually rests when at the dock.

The Bath Boat turns out to be a vehicle on dry land where the mind can drift away or drift home after a full day of shiploads of information. It will wash away the dust of the city.

Stealing Beauty: From Rat Fur to Broomsticks, Wieki Somers Makes The Everyday Extraordinary – New York Times Style Magazine, Design Fall 2008

Maximum capacity: 3


Happy Holidays!

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