Sea(cret) Santa (14 Days Left): A Sailor’s Handiwork

For as long as sailors have been going to sea they have been engaged in making art and crafts. Scrimshaw and shipmodeling immediately come to mind. Today things aren’t all that different.

@sailorjenny is one of my Twitter “friends” and she’s a sailor in the Navy who makes some pretty nifty jewelry which she sells on  From her profile:

A sailor’s life for me! I’ve been sailing the high seas (and some of the low ones, too) for 12 years. I love my job, I get to see wonderful places and amazing people and learn so much about how similar we all are – all while earning a paycheck! But when I’m not out on the waters, I’m at home in sunny San Diego exercising my creativity and creating pretty things. I enjoy the creative process, it’s like therapy for me. I love my day job, but it’s a stressful line of work, and making the world a little more beautiful helps me to balance the not-so-nice parts. My favorite time of the day is after the kidlets are in bed and the house is set back to rights, and I can create for my self in solitude. I love the process and the little bits of reclaimed goodness that my works come from. Some evenings I just go through my findings and dream; some nights I’m like a woman on fire, creating until my wonderful husband prods me off to dreamland. I hope you enjoy wearing/using my creations as much as I have enjoyed making them, I love knowing that a little piece of me is in every piece, wherever it goes.

I am inspired by my 2 wonderful precocious children, my truly wonderful Soul mate, the sea, the sailors around me and the things I find in my travels of the world.

Here’s a sample of her beautiful jewelry. More can be found here.

Hope Floats necklace

Get something truly unique for someone really special and support a sailor in the process.

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