Sea(cret) Santa (17 days left): Wunder Boner

Sea(cret) Santa apologizes for falling off his sleigh and not providing his daily suggestions as originally promised. He’s actually been on a secret mission trying to locate the best and most unusual maritime gifts for you this season. And well here’s a real doozy:

YouTube – Hilarious Commercial – The Wunder Boner.

Be the first in your neighborhood to give this amazing gift. Your lucky giftee will “wunder” how they ever survived without one!

Happy Holidays!

Via YesButNoButYes

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Sea(cret) Santa: Localized Time and Tide Clock

Tide-clockJust 22 shopping days left and Sea(cret) Santa is here to help with some some nautical gift and stocking stuffer suggestions.

From the Massachusetts Bay Trading Company:

This combination instrument features a quartz clock movement and a high quality tide clock in one package. The wall-mounted unit is framed in solid wood with a glass cover. The frame is made from poplar wood that is given a quality maple finish. The clock movement runs on AA batteries. Dimensions- 9 inches wide x 17 inches high. The wooden frame is approximately 3/4″ wide.

The combo instrument background nautical chart may be customized for any area of your choice, including the Great Lakes. Specify the location you would like for the background in the space provided above. Be as specific as possible. Please be sure to include a town or feature that you would like to be near the center of the chart. The default background, if you do not specify one, is the Boston harbor. Depending on the map, it will be mounted either vertically or horizontally. If you require specifically a vertical or horizontal orientation, please specify it in the text area above, along with your requested region for the background. Generally ships in 1 – 2 weeks. Price: $115.

Keep your mariner current with this gift!

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Sea(cret) Santa (23 Days Left): Bathboat

wieki somers bath boat

Just 23 shopping days left and the Sea(cret) Santa is here to help with some some nautical gift and stocking stuffer suggestions.

Ever feel like you want to drift away in your bath? Well, Dutch designer Wieki Somers has just the thing. Her amazing Bathboat is made of wood and epoxy resin in a limited edition of 30. Since it’s really more of a work of art than a bathroom fixture it will set you back about $25,000. (PFD’s not included)

From Wieki Somers website:

Floating in the water and bathing in the water deal with so much similar feelings and elements that they are combined in one installation. By turning a small boat inside out it becomes a bath. The bath tub legs make you think of the wooden frame on which the boat usually rests when at the dock.

The Bath Boat turns out to be a vehicle on dry land where the mind can drift away or drift home after a full day of shiploads of information. It will wash away the dust of the city.

Stealing Beauty: From Rat Fur to Broomsticks, Wieki Somers Makes The Everyday Extraordinary – New York Times Style Magazine, Design Fall 2008

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Sea(cret) Santa (24 days left): Monkey’s Fist Doorstop

Monkeys fist

It’s already December 1st and you probably haven’t done your Holiday shopping yet. Just 24 shopping days left and Sea-cret Santa is here to help with some some nautical gift and stocking stuffer suggestions. Happy Holidays!

From Design Within Reach:

A rope knot, or monkey’s fist, has traditionally been used to weight the end of a heaving line being thrown from a ship to a dock. Such knots have also been stuffed into cracks for use as rock-climbing anchors. As doorstops or bookends, these handcrafted knots continue to serve a useful purpose while maintaining their nautical feel. The loop handle is useful for carrying the Rope Doorstop from room to room. No chemicals or bleach have been added to the Manila rope, which is a high-quality natural fiber that comes from the easily renewable Abaca plant. The fiber from this plant is very durable and resistant to salt water damage, making the Rope Doorstop suitable for outdoor use. Made in England. Weight: 4.5lbs. Price was $98.00 Now: $83.30

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Sea(cret) Santa’s Sea Bag of Holiday Cheer

323543941_2135a93f0f_m It’s already December 1st and you probably haven’t started your Holiday shopping yet.

The Sea-Fever blog has enlisted the services of a Salty Sea(cret) Santa to help with some some nautical gift and stocking stuffer suggestions.

Each day between now and December 25th we’ll find something special for that mariner or wanna be mariner in your life. There’s sure to be something for everybody so check back every day!

And remember you better be good because he’s watching!

Happy Holidays!

Days left: 24, 23, 22, 17, 16

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