FotoFriday: Icehouses and Surfers by Catherine Opie

This is the last weekend to experience the Catherine Opie: American Photographer exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC. The show closes on January 7th. Here are a few of works from her Icehouses and Surfers series. To get a better understanding of this artists work, make sure you watch the great video on the Guggenheim website (hope they keep these links live after the exhibit closes.)

Untitled #1, Icehouse, 2001 by Catherine Opie

From Christopher Knight’s December 8, 2008 review in the LA Times regarding the NYC exhibition:

The most beautiful room pairs 14 landscape views of ice fishermen and their shacks on snowy frozen lakes in Minnesota with 14 seascape views of early-morning surfers bobbing in the Pacific Ocean along the misty Malibu shore. “Icehouses” (2001) and “Surfers” (2003) are monumental — more than 4 1/2 feet tall — and verge on abstraction.

Vast, grayish white expanses are striped across the middle with a horizon line and dotted with figures dwarfed by nature’s void. Both chart the shifting organization of temporary communities of sportsmen who have taken to the water, liquid and frozen. For land creatures this environment Opie possesses a distinct otherness. Play mingles with survival.

Nick 2003 by Catherine Opie 

Artist profile in NY Times: Home Views, Bound by Ice or Leather by Hilarie M. Sheets

Exhibit review in NY Times: A Retrospective of Many Artists, All of Them One Woman by Holland Cotter


In case you can’t make it to the Guggenheim, you can still see Opie’s work in the exhibition catalogue.



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