FotoFriday with Bonus Poll: Does Sir Richard Branson have too much fun?

Hitching a ride: Model Denni Parkinson clings to Sir Richard Branson off the coast of his private Caribbean island, Necker

Here’s a recent photo of Sir Richard Branson kiteboarding at his private Nekker Island which begs the question, is Sir Richard having too much fun? Please answer the poll and leave a comment below. (more photos and story)

Vote as often as you like because it ain’t gonna happen!

Please make sure you read my favorite post from 2008 – Richard Branson Answers My Questions About Adventure Sailing and Business

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6 thoughts on “FotoFriday with Bonus Poll: Does Sir Richard Branson have too much fun?”

    1. Unfortunately you can’t. :( But if you continue to study hard you might be able to afford a vacation to Seaworld with your 5 screaming kids someday. ;)

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