Shiver Me Timbers! Bloggers Board USS Nimitz

USS Nimitz Some bigtime bloggers were running around the USS Nimitz over the weekend like a bunch of Somali teenage pirates on a fully laden supertanker.

The leader of the pack was Guy Kawasaki who wrote another comprehensive post (24 Hours at Sea on the USS Nimitz) about life at sea in the Navy on his always entertaining How to Change the World blog. You may recall Sea-Fever’s earlier post (Guy’s Excellent Naval Adventure) about his time served (as a blogger, not sailor) aboard the USS John C. Stennis, a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered supercarrier in the US Navy, named for Senator John C. Stennis of Mississippi. Like that earlier post, this one is chock full of photos, video and really good info.

Kawasaki is also the founder of the popular Alltop website and master marketer that never misses an opportunity to promote his business interests.

YouTube – F18 Landing Over Jennifer Leo’s Shoulder

There’s some decent photography about this adventure too.

Robert Scoble's big gun

More shameless self-promotion or is the government now selling sponsorships as part of the deficit reduction plan?

Sponsor-a-Bomb Program

Here are the other pirates bloggers, some of whom posted and some not yet, but you should still check out their blogs in case they do after I post this. They all write good stuff!

Pirate Bloggers

Great PR and blogger outreach by the US Navy! Looks like fun too!

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3 thoughts on “Shiver Me Timbers! Bloggers Board USS Nimitz”

  1. Thanks Sea Fever for the post, you have a wonderful blog here. The trip was a blast thanks to Guy Kawasaki. I am still on a high from it. Watch for my podcasts with a fighter pilot Luis Delgado posted sometime this week, and others who are on the ship.

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