Hell On Water Social Networking

Seems that you can find a social network for nearly any interest nowadays.

HellOnWater.com is a social networking site where members of the military with maritime experience can share videos, photos, and comments about their on-the-water experiences.

Hell On Water profiles are free and allow users to post videos and comments into the Hell On Water Site. If you love water and shooting guns then sign up or login to watch people doing exactly that.

A targeted audience is the first rule of successful social networking. ;-)

YouTube – Hell on Water

Of course, it’s always beneficial to have sponsor looking out for your best interests and appreciate it when you kick “you know what.”

Zodiac of North America sponsors this site for the benefit of all the men and women who work on the water. Zodiac promises not to use this forum for any sales pressure, but welcomes questions, comments (good and bad), suggestions, and the reporting of problems thru this site. This blog has the ability for Operators to provide them with direct feedback on product development and continued product improvement.

Zodiac is proud to provide the military with battle-tested and innovative products, but privileged to work with and know the most elite Operators on the water. Zodiac wants you to know they, as a company of individuals, are grateful for your service to our Nation. Stay safe and kick ass!

Here’s the type of awesome videos that you will find on the site.

YouTube – Chinook recovery of Navy Seal Team

Any questions or problems? Contact interrogative@hellonwater.com. On second thought, you might want to try to figure it out yourself.

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