Make Waves for Whales with My Body Glove SocialVibe Widget!

Whaleman Foundation Hopefully have noticed that I added a new widget to the sidebar in support of the Whaleman Foundation. (Look left < and down v)

Please click the yellow “Help Now – It’s Free” button and watch the Body Glove video. When you do, Body Glove will donate dollars to the Whaleman Foundation.

Why should you? Because it doesn’t cost you anything more than a minute of your time but more importantly watch the below video of Hayden Panettiere and that should help explain things.

YouTube – Hayden Panettiere PSA for

Need another reason? Well, how about because I’m asking nicely. :)

While you’re at it, please sign the petition.

This widget was created by a company called Social Vibe and not only can you attach it to your blog but you can connect it to your Facebook profile which I’ve also done. SocialVibeIt’s really pretty cool what Social Vibe has done with this. There are currently about 30 causes and 25 companies that you can mix and match to suit your interests. It’s kind of like orchestrating your our corporate social responsibility program. Your actions tell companies where you’d like to see them put their philanthropic dollars. Finally you can participate in a cause related marketing program without actually being a consumer of anything more than media. Cool!

Saving whales and dolphins and the latest Body Glove swimwear seemed like a good fit for Sea-Fever. What do you think?

One more time: Please watch for the Body Glove video dolphins’ and whales’ sake!


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