FotoFriday: Fred LeBlanc’s Windjammers Downeast

Earlier this week I received a copy of Fred LeBlanc’s new mini-coffee table book, Windjammers Downeast as well as an accompanying set of beautiful photo postcards.

I met Fred when I was at the American Sail Training Association where he was always extremely generous with his images. He’s dedicated his work to helping promote this very unique fleet of tall ships that sail along the beautiful Maine coast.

So next time you are heading over to someone’s house for a summer dinner, you might want to skip the predictable bottle of wine and cut flowers and present them a copy of Windjammers Downeast; especially if they’re sailors or just love the sea. It’s about the same price and it’ll bring enjoyment much, much longer.

Schooner American Eagle entering Bucks Harbor, South Brooksville, Maine

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Honestly Officer, I was just looking for some Fish and C.H.P.s

It seems that California always has the best real life officer chase scenes. Who can forget this classic set to a song by one Sea-Fever’s favorite bands, A Flock of Seagulls?

YouTube – O.J. Runs So Far Away

As only California can do, here’s another recent chase caught on camera.

YouTube – sea lion on patrol craft 2009 06 17

This bad boy may have been on a joy ride looking for fish and CHPs (California Highway Patrol) but ended up finding the ever vigilant Orange County Sheriff’s Department instead.

Chock another one up for high seas law and order!

Report via Sea-Fever Twittersphere Correspondent Mia Chambers.

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