The New York Harbor School: A Sea Change in Education

Great news! Here is a picture of the new home of the New York Harbor School.

This Sept. 8, 2008 file aerial photo shows Governors Island in New York harbor, with Manhattan in the background center. The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School will relocate to a renovated Coast Guard hospital on the island in the fall of 2010.(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, file) 

It’s been a longtime coming, 10 years in fact, but the school is scheduled to relocate to a renovated Coast Guard hospital on Governor’s Island off the southern tip of Manhattan in the fall of 2010.

Justin Pope wrote an great article titled Special school makes NY harbor its classroom while awaiting a waterfront home which appeared in the Los Angeles Times on September 8, 2009. If you have any interest in kids, education and things maritime, you must read this article.

I’ve posted about the New York Harbor School several times here because I believe it’s one of the most amazing maritime youth education success stories going. Please check out these old posts.

While projects like these are really dependent on so many different people and organizations, this one is lucky to have Murray Fisher at the helm, a leader with vision, passion and a penchant for hard work. And now he has the chance to join the ranks of Adam Green of Rocking the Boat as a NYC maritime educator/fashion icon.

Each year GQ magazine asks readers to nominate “an agent of change striving for the betterment of society through charitable work, volunteerism, and/or community involvement—someone who is working hard to make this a better world.” GQ selected the five best submissions as finalists and readers will determine the winner by popular vote. Murray Fisher is one of the five finalists and for his sake, the Harbor School’s benefit and the benefit of maritime education in general, please visit website and vote for him and ask your friends, family and strangers to do the same!

Murray’s currently tied for second place but we can make a difference and if we do he’ll be featured in the pages of GQ, be honored at The Gentlemen’s Ball in New York City in October, $10,000 will be donated toward the accredited charity of his choice and he’ll receive $2,000 cash & $1,000 Nautica® gift card. (Come on, the Nautica gift card naturally should go to a guy in maritime education. Could you imagine a better sponsorship than Nautica of the Harbor School?)

Please help me help Murray, the Harbor School and maritime education! Vote and spread the word! Thanks!

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9 thoughts on “The New York Harbor School: A Sea Change in Education”

  1. Peter:
    You are awesome to have been helping us advance our mission! Thank you so much for your amazing support. I got crushed in the GQ contest (which was a MAJOR stretch for me, as you know!), but I hope it helped get the word out about the good work the staff and students here at Harbor School are doing. PLEASE come see us in Bushwick before we leave. Its been an incredible 6+ years there and the change to Gov Island – though welcome and necessary – will be tough. Bushwick has earned a treasured spot in all of our hearts, but we must get to the water!
    Thanks again for your amazing support!

  2. “Could you imagine a better sponsorship than Nautica of the Harbor School?” –ha! that’s good!!
    I’m so glad you’ve written about the Harbor School; it is a worthy cause. Gov Island is the perfect spot for education–and research!!!–and many people hope it continues to move in this direction.

  3. I interviewed here for a job three years ago. They offered me a job teaching Social Studies the day after ‘Pequa gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse (teaching English). I was convinced that NYC would not do the right thing and put them on Go…vernor’s Island. They were in Bushwick!

    The school, the principal, and Murray Fisher deserve recognition. Harbor School deserves the 10k.

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