Moby Monday — On to Malta

There was no caption with this photo, but we're gonna say Queequeg.

The Nova Scotia Moby-Dick miniseries shoot we mentioned a couple of weeks ago has ended. For photos, click here.

The Forge, by Tony De Los ReyesIf you demand fresh Moby-Monday content every week, click this link to read about an exhibit of painter Tony De Los Reyes’s Moby-Dick inspired works, showing in Seattle through Halloween. The painting below is named The Forge.

Margaret Guroff is editor and publisher of Power Moby-Dick.

Why would you put the world’s largest swimming pool on the oceanfront?

 World's Largest Swimming Pool -

Is it just me or does it seem incredibly wasteful and ridiculous to place the world’s largest swimming on the beautiful oceanfront?

It belongs to San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Algarrobo, Chile.  According to a post on the Daily Mail website, it is more than 1,000 yards long, covers 20 acres, had a 115ft deep end, holds 66 million gallons of water and is in the Guiness Book of World Records. On the resort website they have a link to this satellite photo:

YouTube – World’s largest swimming pool

Okay, they say that the waves and currents on the Chilean coast can be pretty treacherous, but come on, do you really need a pool this big?

This is the type of extravagance that Americans are usually accused of but I’m glad it’s not the case.

FotoFriday: Elena Kalis’ Alice in Waterland

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about children’s books currently being made for the big screen but not necessarily for their original audiences. (Kids’ Movies Grow Up Oct. 9, 2009) I’m really looking forward to seeing Spike Jonze’s version of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are which is opening next week.

Another wildly anticipated movie is Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland which is being remade by Tim Burton and starring, you guessed it, Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp; that should be interesting! (website with trailer)

Elena Kalis is a very talented photographer who has her own take on this classic story with “Alice in Waterland.”

From Kalis’ website:

I was born in Moscow (Russia) and have lived for the past ten years on a small island in the Bahamas with my husband and two children. I have an education in art, but have recently been following my interest in photography. Over the past year I have been doing some underwater projects with my children and friends.

Check out all of her interesting images on her website, Facebook and Flickr sites.

This Day in Maritime History: Achille Lauro Hijacking (1985)


The New York Times reminds us that on this day back in 1985, the MS Achille Lauro with 400 passengers aboard was hijacked. While maritime security has increased significantly over the past ten years, one has to wonder with the recent rise in piracy, if we will be reading about this type of thing soon again. Continue reading This Day in Maritime History: Achille Lauro Hijacking (1985)

Ocean Obsessions and Love Lines

I’ve chronicled more than a few obsessions on Sea-Fever over the years and it could be argued that this blog is itself a bit of an obsession.  A couple of posts that immediately come to mind are 15 years and 4 million matchsticks and The Germans are coming! The Germans are coming! (by pickup and trailer) but there are literally hundreds more.


I look forward to every year at this time because artists in New Bedford open their studios to the public and you can explore and discover some amazing things like Huguette Despault May’s awesome, very large charcoal drawings of maritime rope. In fact, her obsession is drawing the same piece of line, an old worn hawser, over and over and over from different perspectives. I believe that there are currently 12 different drawings which have also been turned into beautiful prints.

I wrote about May’s work last year and was excited to return again this year because there is really no substitute for experiencing it in person. If you are ever in the New Bedford area, try to see her work and studio, you won’t be disappointed. (Her contact info is on her website.)

Click on this image to open a larger version in Flickr

If you spend any time with the artist you’ll see just how passionate and focused she is on this single piece of line. (NB: the above gigantic drawing with Joy standing in front is called Titular Head (2006) and was from a separate series the artist did for her MFA thesis for Tufts/School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)(Larger version of photograph of the the artist’s studio)

Obsessions are good! Right Tugster, Never Sea Land (mermaids) and PowerMobyDick?

Moby Monday — The Westport (CA) Whale

Whale TK
Last year, outsider artist Kyle Siler had a vision: to build a roadside attraction that would put tiny Westport, California on the map. A seaside village nearly four hours north of San Francisco by car, Westport is currently best known as the home of an annual rubber ducky race.

But Siler, a/k/a Carlos Amigos, a/k/a Relis Elyk, has a bigger non-fish to fry. By his 40th birthday in June of next year, he plans to build a cement sperm whale named “Queequeg,” after the Polynesian harpooneer in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. Siler is blogging about the project, which now consists of an empty moat and a cement pad for his future whale. There’s a link on the blog where you can support the effort by paying $20 for a personalized, whale-shaped tile to be cemented into the future attraction’s sidewalk. (We’ve got ours.)

When he saw his vision last September, Siler had never built anything like this. But since then, he has set about learning the crafts of whalemaking—including creating a metal skeleton for the hollow structure—with a monomania worthy of Moby Dick’s would-be assassin, he says. “I feel like Capt Ahab in my pursuit of Cement Sculpture,” Siler wrote in an email yesterday. “I’ll be welding next week!”

Margaret Guroff is editor and publisher of Power Moby-Dick.

Birthdays and Charity Water

Today’s my birthday and I wish I was as smart as this guy.

YouTube – The story of charity: water – The 2009 September Campaign Trailer

I’ve added a Charity Water widget over on the left so if you want to give me something for my birthday that will cost you NOTHING, please click on the widget, sit back and watch CBS’ 30 second spot for Three Rivers and they’ll make a donation to Charity Water. Now that’s easy and good of you! Thanks!

Don’t let this stop you from visiting the Charity Water website and making a $$$ contribution there too. It’s an awesome cause that could use your support.

I first saw this video on Swiss Miss. Thanks to Social Vibe for creating these cool widgets that support important causes.

TAke A Wet Tour of London (Without Rain)

Over the past few days, The Telegraph (UK) has published 2 useful articles for maritime culture fans heading to London. “Watery London Day One” and “Day Two.” These are “sponsored” articles, whatever that means, but they do provide you with a fun itinerary in, on and about maritime London including the HMS Belfast, the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and London RIB Voyages. Check out the articles for all of the maritime attractions.

Okay, this is definitely a “sponsored” ad but it does look like fun!

YouTube – London Rib with Logo London Rib copy Program Stream