Adding new meaning to a ship that rocks n’ rolls! Pirate Radio

Funny that the original name of this movie was The Boat That Rocked when it opened in the UK in April 2009 to terrible reviews and financial failure. The name was changed to Pirate Radio for the American opening tomorrow. Hmmm, seems like a questionable strategy but I guess once you’re committed, your committed.

Here’s the trailer.

The movie is a fictional account but these types of radio stations did exist off the coast of England through the 1970’s. According to the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame, on March 20, 1970, the MV Mi Amigo, one of the last pirate radio ships, sank after her crew abandoned her.  Let’s hope Pirate Radio doesn’t suffer the same fate.

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2 thoughts on “Adding new meaning to a ship that rocks n’ rolls! Pirate Radio”

  1. The pirate radio stations opened up the UK airwaves there is no doubt about that. I first found Radio London while I was sick and off school with mumps. They played pop music 24/7. Prior to that there were a a few token pop programes and Radio Luxembourg which faded in and out. The pirates were rich in youthful energy and they were fun. They had a sense of romance about them with the talk of the sea and the supply boat arriving with fresh food and fan mail. Also because they were only 3 to 4 miles off shore they could be seen from the coast. The DJ’s used to play for the people flashing their car light at them they called them the Frinton Flashers. Frinton is near Southend on the English channel coast. One aspect I now loath which came with the free (pirate) radio stations is the radio advertisment. I didn’t mind ads at the time they were refered to as jingles which made them amusing. Now I prefer the BBC-no ads!

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