“Go fly a kite and jump off a pier at the same time”

The only thing better than mixing metaphors is combining them. This daring due add new meaning to the phrases “Go fly a kite” and “Take a long jump off a short pier.” I guess it really should be “Take a high jump over a short pier.”

Published by

Peter A. Mello

Father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Professional creative placemaker.

5 thoughts on ““Go fly a kite and jump off a pier at the same time””

  1. Thanks for posting! I was a big time windsurfer till I bought a sailboat and many of my friends migrated to the kites. All I can say is that there’s not enough time in the day to do everything.

    1. John, glad you’re sticking to sailing. Kite flying looks insane. Man was not made to fly through the air. Actually, he wasn’t made to survive in water too long either but somehow has figured out a few ways to do it. Thanks for the comment.

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