What would Ahab think?

Andrew and his friend, a young sperm whale named Scar, were swimming together off the west coast of Dominica. The two of them became "friends" after Andrew saved Scar's life. (Photo and caption by Peter Allinson)

The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture blog never disappoints. The above is one of the entries from the 2009 National Geographic International Photo Contest. It’s too late to enter (and let’s face it, our vacation snaps wouldn’t have made it in anyway), but you can still vote for your favorites in the Viewer’s Choice competition. After you do, grab your camera and take some inspiration with you and make some images.

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Peter A. Mello

Father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Professional creative placemaker.

2 thoughts on “What would Ahab think?”

  1. Hi – I’d like to put a link to your blog in DNV’s Maritime Magazine in a little section entitled “Maritime Blogs of Note,” but I wanted to clear it with you first. :-) Please let me know if it’s ok!


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