Moby Monday — Whaling Wonderland

Did this week’s piles of drifting snow (or reports thereof) remind you of anyone? Moby Dick, with a hump white “like a snow-hill,” is a sometime inspiration for snow sculptors. Here’s a particularly impressive rendition, created by a team from Mexico in 2007 during Quebec City’s annual winter carnival.

Margaret Guroff is the editor and publisher of Power Moby-Dick.

Moby Monday — Kitsune Noir Poster Club

Ya think?
“I’ve always loved the idea of sea monsters,” artist Mark Weaver tells the Kitsune Noir blog. So when designer Bobby Solomon, the force behind Kitsune Noir, invited Weaver to contribute to a curated poster series inspired by books, “I immediately thought of the White Whale,” Weaver continues.

The spectacular, chilling result is available as an art print in three sizes, at $50-70. Other books in Solomon’s poster series include Slaughterhouse Five and Walden.

Margaret Guroff is editor and publisher of Power Moby-Dick.

Moby Monday — What’s My Line?

Looking for a Moby-Dick-themed T-shirt for a whale-obsessed someone? Check out this cool, all-cotton reference to my favorite chapter recently posted on Etsy. It ships for free through Xmas Day.

Margaret Guroff is editor and publisher of Power Moby-Dick.

Moby Monday — One Artwork, Size Large

A Naples, Florida retrospective of paintings and photographs by the late Henry Koerner includes this 16-painting set called “Moby Dick,” a 7-foot-tall work based on the artist’s time living in Coney Island, New York. What do you think of the whale (which, for the bikini-blind, is directly behind the female chess player)—monstrous or less erroneous?

Margaret Guroff is the editor and publisher of Power Moby-Dick.

Sea(cret) Santa (19 days): Save the evironment and your skin and look good in the process!

SailProud is an awesome organization featured in last year’s Sea(cret) Santa Series. They’re a company with a social conscience and some good looking sailing kit too!

I was glad to see that StartUpNation jumped onboard the SailProud boat earlier this year by recognizing the company as the category winner for “Greenest Business” in 2009. Great job and congratulations!

You really can’t get much “greener” than giving someone special one of SailProud’s EcoWear™ Tech Tees.

Constructed from an astonishing 5 plastic bottles per shirt, and saving 3.41 pounds of carbon emissions through its construction, the EcoWear™ Tech Tee is at the pinnacle of eco-friendly wear, with all of the performance benefits you need.

Milled to have an ultra-soft, yet durable, feel the EcoWear™ Tech Tee is a high wicking and fast drying shirt that offers a comfort level and fit that no other technical shirt can. To top it off, the shirt is tested to have a UPF factor of 30+, helping to keep your skin safe from damaging UVA/B rays.

Look good and save the environment and your skin at the same time! SailProud is just another demostration of just how resourceful sailors can be.

They currently have a special on a 2 Tee gift pack for $45.99.

Sea(cret) Santa (20 Days): Sir Octopus t-Shirt


Jeremy Kalgreen’s Twitter profile declares “I make shirts for my fellow nerds.” Here’s what he’s got to say about his Sir Critter series:

Isn’t it about time nature got with the program and started showing a little refinement, maybe even a hint of elegance? For some reason animals just can’t seem to get their act together, so let us provide nature an example to live by with these fine t-shirts emblazoned with classy critters. Funny graphic t-shirts lag dip featuring adorable animals dolled up with top hats and monocles. Let cute and classy reign supreme!

Maybe I’m a nerd after all because I love Sir Octopus but you might know someone who would prefer Sir Hammerhead, Sir Mola MolaSir Sea Slug, Sir Squid, Sir Whale, Sir Urchin, Sir Manatee or Sir Jellyfish. At $16 for a t-shirt, this is our Sea-Fever Christmas Catch of the Day. 

Flag dip to Jason Robertshaw – aka Cephalopodcast on Twitter

Sea(cret) Santa (21 Days): Surfing Really Old School Style – Wegener Surfboards

An Australian, Tom Wegener, third from right, helped revive the alaia. Photo by Thomas Campbell for NY Times

Tough times bring us back to simplicity and alaias seem to be an illustration of that. There’s a great article in today’s NY Times about this ancient style of surfboard which is currently experiencing a renaissance. (Ancient Surfboard Style Is Finding New Devotees by Jamie Brisk, Dec. 4, 2009)

Tom and Jon Wegener make alaias and when you visit their website one of the first things you see is this quote from Giorgio Armani that has nothing to do with surfing:


Wegener alaias are clearly as much about art as sport.


Wouldn’t one of these look good under your Christmas tree?

Sea(cret) Santa (22 days): Promote Maritime Litera(sea)!

Buy a sailor a book! Or buy a friend a sailing book! Either way, you’ll be doing your part to promote maritime litera(sea).

My top recommendation is my good friend Randy Peffer’s Civil War maritime thriller The Southern Seahawk, the first of his Seahawk trilogy. The second in the series, Seahawk Hunting, has gotten great advance reviews and will be released in early 2010. This book is perfect for any Civil War or maritime history buff.

Another book that I recommend, especially for sailors in the Northern states who have to suffer through long, cold winters, is Chris Santella’s Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die: Sailing Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations.

Chris has written a series of these books about golf, flyfishing and surfing and their small but very entertaining coffee table books. While I noticed that there are few unfavorable reviews on Amazon, these people might be missing the point. This is not any sort of cruising guide for sailors.  Chris interviews famous sailors, and not so famous sailors like me, about where there favorite sailing ground is and then he researches and writes about it. You’ll have to get the book to see what I said. ;-)

No sailor’s library is complete with out these maritime classic anthologies: American Sea Writing: A Literary Anthology (Library of America) edited by Peter Neill and the incredibly comprehensive The Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History edited by John Hattendorf which Amazon has listed for it’s original price of $595.00 but which you can currently get direct from the publisher for an amazing $150.

Sea(cret) Santa (23 days): Adopt-a-Seal

After yesterday’s post, Sea-Fever’s ISP asked us to turn the heat down a bit.

We bet you know someone who already has everything…except a harbor seal. Nice and cuddly like yesterday’s gift and free global shipping too!

Harbor Seal

If they already have a seal, that’s not a problem. The World Wildlife Fund, not to be confused with the WWE, would be happy to hitch you up with a Sea Turtle, Seahorse, Manatee, Dolphin, Humpback Whale, Beluga Whale, Whale Shark or even a Great White Shark.

Okay, so you don’t get the actual Seal, or thankfully the Great White, but there are lots of different adoption kit options that provide cool educational materials and toys for kids and at the very least you’ll get an adoption certificate suitable for framing that will impress your friends for years. Most importantly, you’ll be supporting a worthwhile cause.

Sea(cret) Santa Series (24 days): Sexy Women of Maritime Calendar is back!

The overwhelming favorite of last year’s (Sea)cret Santa Series is back and ever sensitive to the economic challenges facing all Americans, including so many professional mariners, Jack Tar magazine has made this instant classic cheaper than ever. Pardon the puns, but at $16.99 this recession “buster” is a real “stimulus package.” On top of that, these women can literally “bail out” themselves, thank you very much!

All kidding aside, Kim Carver, Jack Tar’s publisher is a dedicated professional mariner, as are all of the women in the Women of Maritime 2010 calendar. From her recent posting on Facebook, here’s who you’ll find inside:

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