Sea-Fever Style: Something’s Fishy About This! (Contest)

Thought Sea-Fever readers might like this stylish Shara Porter purse. Visit the Calico blog, leave a comment and it could be your’s.

Before all you manly sailor types complain about this post, let this serve as a reminder that Valentine’s Day is coming up! At least next time your woman asks you to hold her purse, they’ll be a fish on it!

Weekend Project: Lightbulb Aquarium

Okay, it’s Winter and the days are colder and the nights are longer so you’re probably looking for a few fun projects to pass the time til warmer weather arrives. Right? Right!

How much more exciting can things get than farming brine shrimp! The great Instructables DYI website shows us how to turn a lightbulb into an aquarium.

From this:

To this:


Flag dip to the great Lifehacker blog.

R.I.P., J.D. Salinger, cruise ship director and author

J.D. SalingerAccording to reports in the LA Times, The Catcher in the Rye author J.D. Salinger, who recently passed away at the age of 91, worked as an activity director on a cruise ship when he was 22.

The shipboard experience “left such a lasting impression on him that years afterward he would still remember fondly his one real venture into live show business.”

A few more facts and background appear on the Cruising the Past blog including links to some of Salinger’s short stories from the period that were influenced by his shipboard experiences.

Not surprisingly, like Melville, another of America’s greatest writers was a mariner.

FotoFriday: Pictory’s Visual Storytelling

Taking a page from the Boston Globe’s always amazing The Big Picture blog, Pictory is a relatively new website that really excels at visual storytelling. Actually it’s the combination of great photography and interesting writing that makes it work. Lucky for us, some of the featured photographers have done their work at sea.

Life Aquatic by Rice Jackson

The above photo was taken by Rice Jackson and you can read about it here. Here’s his website and you can find him on Twitter too.

Go over and experience all of the amazing photography and stories over at Pictory.

Moby Monday — Philip Hoare’s Melville Odyssey

A year after its publication in the UK as Leviathan, author Philip Hoare’s 464-page tome—“part cultural study, part travelogue,” per the Boston Globe—will be published next week in the States as The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea. Retracing Herman Melville’s travels during the writing of Moby-Dick, Hoare discovered not only the grandeur of whales but their intelligence—so great that one scientist he quotes believes whales might have a religion.

Margaret Guroff is the editor and publisher of Power Moby-Dick.

Sexy Saltmarsh Sparrow: A Tiger of Birds

This just in! Sexy Saltmarsh Sparrow is determined to be the most promiscuous bird on the planet!

The scientists found that at least 95% of females mate with more than one male for a single clutch of eggs. A clutch is defined as a set of eggs laid together in the nest at one time. One in three nests had a different father for every chick, and the average brood of chicks had more than 2.5 fathers.

“The chance that any two chicks in the same nest have the same father is only 23%,” says Professor Christopher Elphick.

“We were not surprised to find some level of promiscuity,” he says. “But we were quite stunned at just how extreme the rate was.”

In case you are (1) concerned about this issue or (2) have trouble sleeping, here’s a link to a video interview with Professor Elphick of the University of Connecticut about the Saltmarsh Sparrow.  Interestingly, these birds are threatened with extinction despite their incredible promiscuity. (Yes, I did watch the whole thing.)