Moby-Dick Marathon or W cubed (White Whale Weekend)

I’m sure that you’ve all read Moby-Dick. Right? OK, maybe not entirely. But this weekend you have the chance to have it read to you.

Sail on over to the New Bedford Whaling Museum and put down an anchor (because this book takes a while to get through) and experience the 14th Annual Moby-Dick Marathon!

The Whaling Museum’s blog, which is conveniently titled Whaling Museum blog, has lots of fresh chum on the upcoming weekend. Check it out.

However, those of you who make the journey from afar, should be forewarned that you will unfortunately not be able to hop aboard the world’s largest ship model, the Whaleship Lagoda.  The room that serves as her berth is currently under renovation. This is reason enough to schedule another trip to this great maritime museum.

Since you you’ll literally be missing the boat, why not cross the street and visit one of the most historically important buildings in New Bedford, the Seamen’s Bethel, and sit in the pew that Melville frequented and dream about going to sea in ships. I’m on the board of this great old institution, the New Bedford Port Society, whose mission involves “the moral improvement of seamen.” Sounds like one of those never ending jobs to me.

While the Whaling Museum is offering you a whole white whale weekend, Sea-Fever brings you Moby-Monday every week of the year thanks to Meg Guroff from PowerMobyDick. So if you have a whale-like appetite for Melville’s classic, make sure you stop by here every Monday morning. You won’t be disappointed!

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Peter A. Mello

Father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Professional creative placemaker.

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