Finally! TALL SHIP SEXY Magazine: Doing for tall ships what Rolling Stone did for music

While traditional publishing is currently “in irons,” here’s a magazine that’s long over due.

Seriously. Sail training and tall ships have always had the challenge of reaching out to wider audiences and educating them about the invaluable life experience. It’s even more difficult to engage young people who would benefit most from sail training. For starters, the term sail training is really not that, well, sexy.

Until now.

Here’s what TALL SHIP SEXY says:

This year, TALL SHIP SEXY Magazine will make its first appearance at the Great Lakes’ tall ship events of 2010. Geared towards tall ship enthusiasts, trainees, and crewmembers age 16-35, the goal of the magazine is to make tall ships and tall ship sailing more accessible and appealing to the diverse world in which we live.

With its youthful and glamorous (but honest) spin on all things tall ship, TALL SHIP SEXY does what no other publication is doing to date. We provide an inside look at the crewmembers, the lifestyle, and the vessels of the industry. We will gain readership due to the magazine’s voyeuristic appeal; articles will include “Crew Bunks: See what is kept hidden during tall ship tours” and “What to pack When there’s not Enough Room: A look at crew gear and necessities”.

While the website doesn’t currently indicate an outright endorsement by the American Sail Training Association, it does highlight some facts and figures of the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE Series which will be the site for TALL SHIP SEXY’s launch this summer.

TALL SHIP SEXY magazine has a website and a Facebook page. A couple of young professional mariners are currently profiled on the website, giving us a sneak peak of what lies on the horizon for the magazine. It’s no secret that this type of feature is an effective way to attract new young readers or customers; just take a glance at the magazine rack at your local Barnes & Noble.

TALL SHIP SEXY magazine claims to be the first magazine of its kind, but Captain Kim Carver’s Jack Tar Magazine has sailed similar uncharted maritime publishing waters and her Sexy Women of Maritime Calendars (PG-13) showed us that thankfully not all tall ships sailors look like this.

Fair winds, following seas, good luck and great success in this sea-venture!

Published by

Peter A. Mello

Father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Professional creative placemaker.

One thought on “Finally! TALL SHIP SEXY Magazine: Doing for tall ships what Rolling Stone did for music”

  1. I am a crew member on ‘Pilgrim’ a squarerigger in Dana Point, California. I googled ‘Tallship Magazines’ and you came up. I shall check it out, thanks.

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