Mars Ocean Odd@Sea Coming Back to Earth Soon!

Remember 1,000 days ago? Probably not. That’s a looooong time.

Well, this Saturday, January 16, 2010 will mark 1,000 days at sea without touching land for Reid Stowe and his Mars Ocean “Odd-@-Sea.” (I’ve written a few times before about this adventure.)

Actually, it just seemed like a few months ago that he left New York Harbor with his greenhorn shipmate, Soanya, on this record setting voyage. Well, she had to get off (I don’t think we need much more explaining about that) which allowed Stowe to shoot for another record, the longest solo sea voyage in history.  There seems to be some question about if and how these records will be “officially” recognized but in the end, you have to give credit that the guy perseveres!

What type of man is capable of this type of extreme adventuring? Here’s an interview he did at 800 days that may or may not help answer that question.

If you’re in NYC, there’s a ceremony at South Street Seaport followed by a party at Ryan Maguire’s Ale House this Satuday, January 16, 2010. Unfortunately, Stowe won’t be there because, not surprisingly, he’s somewhere out at sea waiting for better weather before he returns to his homeport of  New York.

Fair winds, following seas and a safe passage home!

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Peter A. Mello

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