White Squall is not as good as the tall ship Concordia story but entertaining nonetheless

I enjoy White Squall, but PLEASE note (especially parents of prospective sail trainees) many parts of it are pure fiction and over the top Hollywood. However,  it does capture the spirit of sail training and the camaraderie of going to sea.

Ridley Scott’s White Squall is a much fictionalizsd version of the true story of the Albatross, a “step” sistership to the SSV Tabor Boy, a ship on which I sailed during my 4 years of high school. Captain Dan Parrott’s great book Tall Ships Down, devotes a chapter to the Albatross and  is a must read for anyone interested in tall ships and safety at sea.

Here’s the official trailer for White Squall. Order it from Netflix before the winter’s over. It’s an entertaining movie for a snowy weekend evening.

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4 thoughts on “White Squall is not as good as the tall ship Concordia story but entertaining nonetheless”

  1. I found the movie “White Squall” to be thoroughly entertaining. The acting was excellent, the scenery spectactular and the fact that it was based on a true story made the movie very compelling. I purchasec the movie after watching it on tv because it is the type of movie I like to watch more than once.

  2. White Squall is a lot of fun to watch and the storm scene is very exciting. Wind is another movie with lots of great sailing footage, but it’s about racing.

  3. The Albatros was previously owned by Earnest K. Gann, the autor and aviator whose love for flying equaled his love of sailing. It was Gann that had Albatros converted to a brigantine rig.

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