Moby Monday — Moby Dick Speaks

The British humor podcast Simulacrum interviews Moby Dick on his life since Moby-Dick:

Chris Skinner: Are you ever going to declare war on the Japanese and those Icelandics who are still trying to hunt you down?

Moby Dick: … I don’t really want to go after them, cause they’ve got much more advanced machinery than me.

CS: Have you any machinery? Have you like, sort of, like, flipper guns?

MD: Not weapons of war. I’ve recently discovered a spindle for my weaving purposes, but other than that, no.

CS: You weave?

MD: I’ve done a bit of weaving in the past.

CS: Tell me about it.

MD: Generally I get a bit of cotton around the spindle, I get me flipper, and [imitates sound of spinning].

CS: And what’s the end product?

MD: Usually a very soggy bit of cotton.

Segments of the podcast about penis size and cross-species mating may not be suitable for children and other living things.

Margaret Guroff is editor and publisher of Power Moby-Dick.

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