Thankfully, this “tidal” wave arrived on time!

Britian, though an island, is no Hawaii. One difference appears to be that it’s tidal waves arrive on time.  However, there are similarities including that you can surf there (once a year). Ironically, the wave is called the Severn Bore.

Stick with this video because the commentary is priceless.

The Severn Bore Page

Severn Bore on Wikipedia

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2 thoughts on “Thankfully, this “tidal” wave arrived on time!”

  1. Thanks for posting that clip, I hadn’t seen that particular one before.

    The reason I’m interested is that I am a member of the Chepstow and District Yacht club our boats are moored in a small muddy creek called St Pierre Pill just off the Severn Estuary.

    While the bore doesn’t become visible until further up the estuary we do have a tidal range which is second only to that of the Bay of Fundy, up to fifteen meters at springs, and even today on a low neap tide the range is over nine meters.

    It certainly makes for interesting sailing.

    And everything on the water and I do mean everything has to be done with regard to the tides.


    1. Hi Mike;

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

      Enjoy following you on Twitter and great website. I have to add my project sometime; might be good motivation to get the thing underway.

      My wife is British and our kids are half, so we spend a fair bit of time in Norfolk. The broads don’t seem to have the tidal range you do. We always spend a week in Southwold as well and love it.

      Thanks for creating and maitaining such a great online resource for wooden boat owners.

      Fair Winds, Peter

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