Thankfully, this “tidal” wave arrived on time!

Britian, though an island, is no Hawaii. One difference appears to be that it’s tidal waves arrive on time.  However, there are similarities including that you can surf there (once a year). Ironically, the wave is called the Severn Bore.

Stick with this video because the commentary is priceless.

The Severn Bore Page

Severn Bore on Wikipedia

Moby Monday — Moby Dick Speaks

The British humor podcast Simulacrum interviews Moby Dick on his life since Moby-Dick:

Chris Skinner: Are you ever going to declare war on the Japanese and those Icelandics who are still trying to hunt you down?

Moby Dick: … I don’t really want to go after them, cause they’ve got much more advanced machinery than me.

CS: Have you any machinery? Have you like, sort of, like, flipper guns?

MD: Not weapons of war. I’ve recently discovered a spindle for my weaving purposes, but other than that, no.

CS: You weave?

MD: I’ve done a bit of weaving in the past.

CS: Tell me about it.

MD: Generally I get a bit of cotton around the spindle, I get me flipper, and [imitates sound of spinning].

CS: And what’s the end product?

MD: Usually a very soggy bit of cotton.

Segments of the podcast about penis size and cross-species mating may not be suitable for children and other living things.

Margaret Guroff is editor and publisher of Power Moby-Dick.

Rogue Waves and Sea Stories

One of the most amazing things about the sea is that despite all the technology and science that we have at our disposal, it’s great at keeping secrets and perpetuating mysteries.

It often seems that when heavy weather is involved in an at sea casualty, it’s attributed to a rogue wave. However, as this Newsy report suggests, it’s not always clear sailing when it comes to the science of rogue waves.

However, whether you believe in “rogue waves” or not, here’s a scary video from the popular television show, Deadliest Catch.

Finally, just in case you missed it, here’s a CBS news report with video taken as a wave crashes through cabin windows of the cruise ship Louis Majesty, killing 2 and injuring another dozen passengers.

Good Read -> How Big Waves Go Rogue – Wired Science – March 5, 2010

Exciting Rogue Waves – Physics / American Physical Sociey – October 19, 2009

Rogue Wave (Wikipedia)

Giant Waves Kill 2 on Cruise Ship Louis Majesty

This is a big week for giant waves.

The cruise ship Louis Majesty experienced very heavy weather off the coast of France that blew out some windows and killed 2 passengers. (Associated Press)

Here’s a video of the ship, pre-casualty.

Amazing Chilean Earthquake Tsunami Wave Energy Animation (via NOAA)

This post of NOAA’s Wave Energy Distribution Map (computer modeled) was a very popular Sea-Fever post over the weekend.

If you think that graphic was impressive, the below animation will definitely rock your boat.

Flag dip to Open Culture on Twitter.

Moby Monday — An Icing Monument

One Kansas City Melvillian’s understanding husband honored her recent birthday by commissioning a Moby Dick cake, complete with chocolate stove whaleboat. The cake’s inscription replicates the harpooners’ toast from Chapter 36, the only toast you ever really need: “Death to Moby Dick!”

Margaret Guroff is editor and publisher of Power Moby-Dick.