Moby Monday — The Ocean in a City Street

The latest work of Seattle plein air painter Christopher Martin Hoff was inspired by Moby-Dick, the artist tells blogger Joey Veltkamp.

While reading the favorite novel of an absent friend, “I quickly recognized the influences of the book on my daily ‘urban meditations,'” says Hoff, whose paintings contain no human figures. “The ruined skeletons of structures caught in limbo by the financial crisis became characters from the book: graffiti and street signs became ‘Belshazzar’s writing on the wall’ (literally); telephone poles became mastheads; and wires, whale lines.”

We love the artwork from the show (above is Hoff’s The Lee Shore), but we’ve got to wonder: where’s the painting of Starbucks? Doesn’t Seattle have any of those?

Hoff’s Moby-Dick paintings are part of a show at the Linda Hodges Gallery that opens May 6.

Margaret Guroff is editor and publisher of Power Moby-Dick.

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