Google, Hauls on the Bowline!

I love when technology companies celebrate maritime culture in their marketing initiatives. Remember when Microsoft caught Sea-Fever marketing Vista a few years ago?

Not to be outdone, here’s a new cool new video by Google that promotes the lightning fast speed of their new Chrome browser. Stick with it to the end for their little maritime ditty.

Here’s Bob Neuwirth’s version of Haul on the Bowline from the great Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Song And Chanteys.

Published by

Peter A. Mello

Father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Professional creative placemaker.

One thought on “Google, Hauls on the Bowline!”

  1. Cool site, one of the better marine blogs I’ve come across. I would consider it an honour if you would add my Marine Cafe Blog to your blogroll. I shall gladly recipricate by adding Sea-Fever in my own roster. You can check out my blog at:

    BTW, thanks for sharing the video on Google’s Chrome browser. I am using the Linux version, Chromium, and it’s a speed monster – a lot more stable than Firefox at least on Linux.

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