Tsumani at Sea (Japan Coast Guard video)


  • 0:08 brace yourself guys, hold on tight.
  • 0:13 I have no idea what will happen to you if you are not holding on something.
  • 0:20 10 meter high, guys
  • 0:30 wowwwwwwwwwwwww
  • 0:38 good, we’ve just gone over it. the second wave is coming.
  • 0:43 this is bigger than the last one.
  • 0:50 Speed up, navigator!
  • 0:54 both screws at 20
  • 0:56 the fourth wave two miles ahead.
  • 1:13 now 1.6 miles ahead
  • 1:16 keep both screws at 20

Credit (and disclaimer): Video and translation via Russia Today on YouTube

And the winner is…HAUS, the Banksy of shipping

Banksy graffiti in Bristol via Tony Worrall Foto on Flickr.com

The first PortFire 40 Inductee has been named!

HAUS, a reclusive yet prolific contributor of maritime information to Wikipedia, was selected. This self proclaimed INTJ is kind of like the Banksy of the maritime world.

This appears on his/her Wikipedia profile:

This user has made over 37,000contributions to Wikipedia and, as a result, may be slightly insane.

We prefer to call HAUS “focused.”

Now will he step out of the shadows to accept this most prestigious award?!

In any case, congratulations and thanks for all of your contributions to the maritime world!

*The above photo by Tony Worrall Foto on Flickr is of a Banksy artwork painted on the side of a ship in Bristol, UK.