No Tankers Poster

Love this poster.


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Peter A. Mello

Husband, father, son. Lifelong mariner, student of leadership, photographer. Managing Director, WaterFire Providence.

3 thoughts on “No Tankers Poster”

  1. I wonder what alternative these folks suggest. Do without oil entirely? Move oil by inefficient and dirty tanker trucks? Build pipelines that have their own nasty environmental consequences? Rely on Canadian oil sands, which is an environmental disaster? Or maybe nukes, which create waste that will be deadly for hundreds of thousands of years?

    Frankly this is one of the stupider campaigns I have seen in quite some time.

      1. well building a pipe line so canada can ship oil to china is not worth the beautiful west coast of canada for one tanker with a hole in will ruin the west coast of many years has it been since the exon disaster and it will never be the dont live on the west coast do you?

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