“Just another reason I’m not really crazy about kayaking.”

You buy this cool new HD waterproof sports video camera and you head out on your kayak to test it out. Here’s what you see. How do you act?

In case your interested, here the website for the cool Go Pro HD video camera.

FotoFriday: Pictory’s In Deep

Bonus FotoFriday!

There are two photo website that I believe stand out from the rest. They are the Boston Globe’s Big Picture and the great visual storytelling Pictory.

Every week, Pictory exhibits a different theme and this week it’s titled In Deep. Here’s what they have to say:

Bodies of water bring us comfort, euphoria, life.

Most of my happiest memories involve water. Water is the fundamental precursor of life and one of our most valuable resources, but most of us don’t think of it that way. We think of failed attempts to water ski and boiling hot days. Days at the beach or floats down the river. Water and heat work together to give us excuses to detach, relax, and forget. Soak it up.

Check out the images and short captions. They are always awesome.  The cool thing about Pictory is that you can contribute to it too! So check out their upcoming themes and join in the fun. Who knows, your image and story might make it in. Good luck!

FotoFriday: How to make a life-ring for your camera

Staying on the photography theme, here’s a good way to keep your Charlie the Tuna camera safe.

The great Instructables shows us how to make a buoy for your digicam.  Follow the step by step process for fun and safety!

Flag dip to Petapixel on Twitter.

Now this is a reel fisheye lens!

I love photography.

I love the sea.

This is the camera for me.

Jettisoning my horrible haiku, this is a cool camera.

From the great photography blog PetaPixel:

Back in 1971, StarKist tuna sold promotional cameras in the shape of StarKist mascot Charlie the Tuna for $4.95 and three StarKist can labels. The camera, manufactured by Whitehouse Products, takes 126 cartridge film and accepts flashcubes on top of its head.

If you’re a collector, KEH Camera is selling a used Charlie Tuna camera for $79.

I’m hooked!

FotoFriday: SW – Mattapoisett Shipyard Park

I took this photo the other night. It’s of the windvane on the gazebo located on Shipyard Park in Mattapoisett.

From  the pamphlet “Shipbuilders of Mattapoisett” by Charles S. Mendell, Jr:

The present Shipyard Park ( Mattapoisett) was the site of the famous Holmes shipyard, started in 1812 by Josiah Holmes Sr. and continuing until the Bark Wanderer, built where the bandstand sits now, slid down the ways in 1878, the last vessel ever launched in Mattapoisett.

The first seven years of the 1850’s marked the peak of the whaleship building in Mattapoisett.  Only three yards were in operation – Wilson Barstow, Holmes, and Meigs – but in eight years these three yards launched 47 vessels.  These were the yards that carried Mattapoisett’s reputation far and wide, and brought forth such comments as these in in the New Bedford newspapers:

“This thriving town ranks high in shipbuilding and is distinguished for its naval architecture.” (W.S.L.6/20/1851)

Here’s a very short slide show of the life the Shipyard Park Gazebo gazebo.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Happy FotoFriday and Memorial Day Weekend!

FotoFriday: Photoddling the Docks

If you are a photographer, you’re probably familiar with the term photowalking. Well, I have a couple little kids learning about the excitement of photography and we call it photoddling. It’s a fun activity and a great way to create an appreciation for art, nature and community. Of course, we’re working on a website.

Here’s a couple of shots from the other night.

Mattapoisett Harbor Sunset
Mattapoisett Harbor Sunset by Daddy
Mattapoisett Harbor Sunset by Luke (7)
Mattapoisett Harbor Sunset by Luke (7)
Luke photoddling