Changing Perspective

Today marks the end of the second week of my newest life adventure. After spending more than 25 years in organizations with co-workers, I find launching this solo endeavor to be to be exciting and scary at the same time.

I made the decision to leave my previous position in early November and from then on through to my departure at the end of December I was totally consumed by tying up as many loose ends as I could. This really didn’t leave any time to start the important process of planning for the future. Of course, I did think about things in broad terms but as they say, the devil is in the details. So for the past 2 weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking about what is important to me in life and work. Continue reading Changing Perspective

A New Year and a New Adventure!

Today marked the beginning of a new adventure. After 6 exciting, and at times challenging, years leading the American Sail Training Association I needed a change. There were many reasons why I decided now was the time, not the least of which is that I really wanted to have the opportunity to spend more time with family. Joy turned 2 yesterday and Luke will be 4 in a few months; it’s such an exciting time in our house and I did not want to miss it. (Check in with the MattapoisettMellos)

I have launched new company called Sea-Fever LLC, hence the name of the blog. Through Sea-Fever, I will embark on a consulting career focusing initially on the nonprofit sector. I am also working on a few other interesting projects which will be covered in this blog from time to time.

This blog will deal with a wide range of issues that interest me including challenges and opportunities in the nonprofit sector, new media and storytelling. I will also write about leadership which is a topic that has interested me ever since I was a young boy and which will be a significant part of the Sea-Fever program.

Finally, why Sea-Fever? The sidebar has a link to the inspiration which was the classic poem by John Masefield. My life has been incredibly influenced by the sea and sailing and to me Masefield captures the spirit, adventure and enthusiasm that all facets of life deserve.   

Welcome aboard. I look forward to our journey together.