Tall ship Amistad is still making waves after 10 years!

Amistad by Voytec Wacowski

Today’s Amistad’s 10th birthday!

Her berthplace, Mystic Seaport has a good post with some photos of Amistad under construction.

Today also marks another major historic milestone for Amistad: she’s the first US flagged vessel to make an official call in Cuba.

Amistad flying US, UN and Cuba flags

Congratulations and Happy Berthday!

Amistad sails to Cuba

Amistad by Voytec Wacowski

My friend Voytec reminded me tonight that I’ve forgotten to post about tall ship Amistad’s important visit to Cuba this week. It’s been a while since a US Flagged vessel stopped on the island and maybe this will be one small step toward thawing relations between nations.

It certainly won’t be the first or last time that tall ships serve as ambassadors of goodwill. I’ve written about this tall ship phenomenon before.

Godspeed Amistad.