Buy a peliCAN! Help a Healthy Gulf!

Feel helpless about the BP Oil Spill? Threadless is donating 100% of the proceeds from sales of this t-shirt to The shirt only costs $10 (plus $5 shipping). With BIG problems like this, every LITTLE bit helps!

peliCAN by Threadless

Here’s the story behind the design:

As of this writing, there is still no end to be seen to the Gulf oil spill. And as we all watch the gallons of oil spilling into the water and onto land, we can’t help but wonder what we can do to help. So a couple weeks ago, we decided to reach out to Threadless member Frederik Wepenerof South Africa to work with our own Ross Zietz on a collaboration tee. The result is this design, peliCAN, which is intended to add a bit of hope to an otherwise devastating situation. Continue reading Buy a peliCAN! Help a Healthy Gulf!