Old Buoys Network

This post got me thinking.

If @redballbuoy, @redflatheadbuoy and @blueconebuoy were all on Twitter, they were probably not alone. (N.B. @blueconebuoy seems to have been bad buoy because Twitter suspended his account.)

Sure enough, the Sea-Fever research department has unearthed an old buoys’ network that spans the globe from ocean to ocean. Thanks to Buoy Alarm, the below graphic gives an indication of just how pervasive this network is today.

Buoy Alarm

Now you can monitor the ups and downs and what’s “current” with these old buoys on Twitter (@buoyalarm).

Thankfully, it seems like some members of this old buoys’ network have been up to some good work as far as maritime heritage and the environment is concerned:

Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail

NOAA’s Chesapeake Bay Interpretative Buoy System