Maldive Cabinet to get to the bottom of things in tomorrow’s meeting

Maldive President Mohamed Nasheed and his cabinet have been training for weeks in order to hold an official government meeting underwater to sign a document calling for global cuts in carbon emissions. To get their work done, they will communicate with white boards and hand signals.

The Maldives stand an average of seven feet above sea level and the nation faces being wiped out if oceans rise.

James Balog’s amazing time lapse photography and how it may impact your home (#BAD09)

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imageRegular Sea-Fever visitors know that I am particularly passionate about two things: the sea and photography. You’ve probably already seen this amazing TED Talk by photographer James Balog of his time-lapse imagery of the fragile nature of some of the earth’s most extraordinary glaciers. If you haven’t, please take the 15 minutes or so to watch it.

These types of things become more relevant when you localize them. I wrote a bit of a tongue in cheek post last month about what rising sea levels would mean to our family’s 170 year old home which is only two shots of chain away from the current high water mark (if the sea level rises just 1 meter, we’re screwed!). Again I suggest readers might want to go here to check out what it means to them.