PSA: When visiting Guam, please wear a lifejacket 24/7!

I was not previously aware of this risk, but am thankful that one of America’s duly elected officials has brought it our attention recently during a House of Representatives Armed Services Committee hearing.

With this new found information, Sea-Fever issues the following Public Service Announcement:

All travelers to Guam should wear PFD’s 24 hours a day while on island.

We understand that Congressman Henry “Hank” Johnson Jr. (Democrat, 4th District of Georgia) is planning to float a bill that would require PFD’s to be issued to all visitors right at the airport. This legislation will appropriately be funded by the Bail Out Bill. (Please watch until at least 1:20 when it starts getting interesting.)

We are lucky to live in a country where our congressmen understand the real world challenges that all of us face each day.

We wonder how Admiral Robert F. Willard, the current Commander of the US Navy’s Pacific Command was able to keep a straight face. Must have been all of that Navy torture training.

Finally, thank goodness for C-Span so that school children across America can see their government in action and learn about geography, geology and hydrodynamic stability in the process. Another extraordinary “teachable moment.”

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