How long can you hold your breath and how deep do you dare to go?

From Guillaume Nery’s blog:

This video is a FICTION and an ARTISTIC PROJECT, I don’t claim to have reached the bottom of the hole (202m) without rope and fins, as the world record in no-fins discipline is 95m. We made this movie to show another approach in freediving videos. We wanted to express the strenght of the elements water-earth-air and the sensations of freedom, harmony, exploration.

All the shots were made on breath hold by Julie Gautier.

We directed and edited the movie ourself, Julie and me. Jerome Espla (Poisson Lune Productions) was the gradder of the clip (color corrections…).

The music is from ARCHIVEyou make me feel.

The camera is a Canon 5D mark II

Location: Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas

FICTION and an ARTISTIC PROJECT, impressive just the same! Especially, since it was shot with a digital SLR!