FotoFriday: Pictory’s Visual Storytelling

Taking a page from the Boston Globe’s always amazing The Big Picture blog, Pictory is a relatively new website that really excels at visual storytelling. Actually it’s the combination of great photography and interesting writing that makes it work. Lucky for us, some of the featured photographers have done their work at sea.

Life Aquatic by Rice Jackson

The above photo was taken by Rice Jackson and you can read about it here. Here’s his website and you can find him on Twitter too.

Go over and experience all of the amazing photography and stories over at Pictory.

Open Wide!

Beluga Whale

The Daily Mail has an amazing collection of photographs of Beluga whales at a rehab farm in the freezing waters of Northern Russia’s White Sea.  According to the article, “the whales are not endangered but under threat from pollution and loss of habitat.”

This project creates an interesting photo shoot.

“And it’s definitely a case of choosing the short straw for one volunteer who gets to stay above ground in -30C winds, making sure the ice hole doesn’t freeze over and trap the group.”

‘Photographing a story in very cold water can turn into a logistical nightmare,’ admits Franco Banfi (photographer).

Check out all of the images and the entire story as well as Banfi’s website.

What would Ahab think?

Andrew and his friend, a young sperm whale named Scar, were swimming together off the west coast of Dominica. The two of them became "friends" after Andrew saved Scar's life. (Photo and caption by Peter Allinson)

The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture blog never disappoints. The above is one of the entries from the 2009 National Geographic International Photo Contest. It’s too late to enter (and let’s face it, our vacation snaps wouldn’t have made it in anyway), but you can still vote for your favorites in the Viewer’s Choice competition. After you do, grab your camera and take some inspiration with you and make some images.

FotoFriday: Old Man and the Sea

How is it possible that one of the greatest photographers of all time was sent to shoot one of the greatest American writers of all time in advance of a book that ended up selling over 5 million copies in 2 days and many of the photos remained hidden from the public view for 57 years?

The photographer: Alfred Eisenstaedt; the writer: Ernest Hemingway; the book: Old Man and the Sea; the setting: Cuba

Check out Life’s great slideshow (19 slides)

Report via Sea-Fever Twittersphere Correspondent Mia Chambers.

Hemingway - Life Sept 1 1952

Hemingway - Life cover Sept 1 1952

FotoFriday: Jenny Holzer’s “Wave T”

Jenny Holzer "Wave T" NY Times Style Magazine - Women's Fashion Fall 2009

Last Sunday the NY Times celebrated the 5th Anniversary Issue of it’s Style Magazine with the above image on the cover. Look closely and you’ll see the sea.

The cover was created by one of the art world’s most successful contemporary artists, Jenny Holzer. In reality the image was an art mashup with Holzer finding Cobalt123’s original image on Flickr. Here’s the story.

Holzer is an American conceptual art whose medium is language, or more precisely words. She uses words in all kinds of locations and ways including recently projecting them onto water like the below image from her interesting Projections website.

Jenny Holzer: Site: Tuxedo Princess, Gateshead, United Kingdom; October 27, 2000; Text: Lustmord - 1993-1995; Projection: Charles Paserelli; Photo: Attilio Maranzano

Here’s a video from Holzer’s recent show, Protect Protect, at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

YouTube – Whitney Focus presents Jenny Holzer: PROTECT PROTECT

FotoFriday: Flickr Waterhousing Photography Group

"bailey-bs-tube-2" by Anthony Bevilacqua on

Sorry for the lack of posts but we’ve been away for our summer holiday in England.

Here’s a FotoFriday that should whet your appetite for some summer fun in the surf. The Flickr blog had a post today about the Waterhousing Photography Group. The above photo by Anthony Bevilaqua is just one of many, many amazing shots taken by photographer in or under the water. Check it out!

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FotoFriday: Fred LeBlanc’s Windjammers Downeast

Earlier this week I received a copy of Fred LeBlanc’s new mini-coffee table book, Windjammers Downeast as well as an accompanying set of beautiful photo postcards.

I met Fred when I was at the American Sail Training Association where he was always extremely generous with his images. He’s dedicated his work to helping promote this very unique fleet of tall ships that sail along the beautiful Maine coast.

So next time you are heading over to someone’s house for a summer dinner, you might want to skip the predictable bottle of wine and cut flowers and present them a copy of Windjammers Downeast; especially if they’re sailors or just love the sea. It’s about the same price and it’ll bring enjoyment much, much longer.

Schooner American Eagle entering Bucks Harbor, South Brooksville, Maine

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FotoFriday: Keith Loutit’s Magical Maritime Moving Images

We’ve featured Keith Loutit’s amazing tilt-shift videography before (here and here). Here’s his latest work. Man, this guy makes maritime magic!

[Vimeo 5137183]

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