Happy Fathers’ Day!

Hope all you fathers had a great day today! I did. It started a little after 6:00 am with my little people excitedly bursting into our room making sure that I didn’t miss a second of this special day. They gave me an ice cream maker and as you have probably already guessed, we made and ate ice cream today. :-) I won’t bore you with all of the details of the day but it was great to have my dad celebrate it with us too.

Here’s a video that from the White House blog today with President Obama’s Fathers’ Day message that features Navy Chief Petty Officer John Lehnen (2009 Military Fatherhood Award recipient).

YouTube – President Obama Discusses the Importance of Fathers

Here’s a great post written by one of my Weekly Leader colleagues, Pam Fox Rollin. Leadership Lessons from My Dad

Happy Fathers’ Day!

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Shiver Me Timbers, It’s Pirate N’ Chief Obama!

Pirate in Chief (click for larger version)

Okay, not really sure why you can choose pirate language in Facebook, especially considering what’s been happening in Somalia, but you can. Go down the bottom of your FB page and click on language.

Interesting crew!

Thanks to FB Friend Ryan Maneri of Oystercatcher Media.

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My friend John over at gCaptain.com designed the above logo and wrote a very thoughtful post about the election. Just in case you somehow arrived here without reading it, please go now. Thanks.

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