Thankfully, this “tidal” wave arrived on time!

Britian, though an island, is no Hawaii. One difference appears to be that it’s tidal waves arrive on time.  However, there are similarities including that you can surf there (once a year). Ironically, the wave is called the Severn Bore.

Stick with this video because the commentary is priceless.

The Severn Bore Page

Severn Bore on Wikipedia

The Living Curl at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Sick and tired of all of the bad news in the papers and on the web? Longing for simpler times? Jamie Budge’s The Living Curl might be the antidote.

This Thursday (January 14, 2010), the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum offers The Living Curl in an old fashioned, 60s presentation: narrated live and in person by Jamie Budge. Five bucks gets you in, $10 more gets you tacos and a beer. Sounds awesome.

Thursday. January, 14 at 6 pm, Film shows at 7 pm – Call the SBMM Store at 805-962-8404 ext. 115 to purchase your tickets early!

Jack Johnson surfs, Munich?

I love Jack Johnson’s music and with young children in the house, the soundtrack from Curious George rarely leaves the CD player. However, I didn’t know Johnson was such a good surfer. Here’s an interesting short video of him surfing in downtown Munich. Honestly.

The Eisbach (German for “ice brook”) is a small man-made river that flows through the Englischer Garten in Munich City. It has been surfed since 1972 and here’s some info from Wikipedia:

  • Located just past a bridge near the Haus der Kunst art museum.
  • The river forms a standing wave about 1 metre high and the water is cold and shallow (sometimes only 40 cm deep), making it suitable only for experienced surfers and whitewater kayakers.
  • Being a standing wave it can be surfed for as long as one’s balance holds, and in busy times a queue of surfers forms on the bank. In the past surfers tied a leash to the bridge to hold onto, but a sign announces that this is both dangerous and forbidden.
  • The local surfers have forced the wave to break more cleanly, with increased height, by attaching ropes to the bridge which trail submerged planks, creating two large “U”-shapes. Such a shape makes the wave easier to surf for river surfers.

This video might define “diehard.” Inner city winter surfing at minus 7 degrees C with Micah Lester and Toby Atkins.

Still not crazy or cold enough for you? Try at night and minus 15! These guys definitely have Sea-Fever!

Next time you’re in Munich, surf’s up!

Awesome Slo-Mo Hi-Def Surfing Vid from the BBC

YouTube – HD: Super Slo-mo Surfer! – South Pacific – BBC Two

Make sure you watch in HD and pop out this video. Man, YouTube has come a long way!

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