Sick Ocean, Sick People

There’s a tight and surprising link between the ocean’s health and ours, says marine biologist Stephen Palumbi. He shows how toxins at the bottom of the ocean food chain find their way into our bodies, with a shocking story of toxic contamination from a Japanese fish market. His work points a way forward for saving the oceans’ health — and humanity’s.

James Balog’s amazing time lapse photography and how it may impact your home (#BAD09)

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imageRegular Sea-Fever visitors know that I am particularly passionate about two things: the sea and photography. You’ve probably already seen this amazing TED Talk by photographer James Balog of his time-lapse imagery of the fragile nature of some of the earth’s most extraordinary glaciers. If you haven’t, please take the 15 minutes or so to watch it.

These types of things become more relevant when you localize them. I wrote a bit of a tongue in cheek post last month about what rising sea levels would mean to our family’s 170 year old home which is only two shots of chain away from the current high water mark (if the sea level rises just 1 meter, we’re screwed!). Again I suggest readers might want to go here to check out what it means to them.

Amazing Kinetic Sea Creature Sculptures (Strandbeest) by Theo Jansen

Theo Jansen is a Dutch artist who builds big walking kinetic sculptures he calls “Strandbeests” that roam the coastline of Holland feeding on wind and fleeing from water. You may have seen his work in this BMW commercial:

If you enjoy TED Talks, make sure you watch this one Jansen delivered in February 2007.

Alexander Schlichter is producing a documentary on Jansen’s Strandbeests and here’s the trailer and some other interesting footage.

Make sure you visit Jansen’s website, there’s lots of interesting stuff there.

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Trash Talking from Captain Charles Moore (TED Talks)

I’ve posted about Captain Charles Moore’s The Algalita Marine Research Foundation before. (This Junk’s not Chinese)

I’m a huge fan of these TED Talks and while Captain Moore is the first that I’ve seen that reads his from a sheet of paper, the message get delivered. Please take a little more than 7 minutes to watch this. Thanks!

YouTube – Captain Charles Moore on the seas of plastic

"One year of NASA’s exploration budget would allow us to explore the ocean for 1,600 years"

The TED Conference might be out of reach of most of us but thanks to the miracle of YouTube we can experience presentations by some of the world’s greatest thinkers and doers.

Here is Bob Ballard’s great 2008 presentation. I saw him deliver a similar program at the 2006 BIF2 conference in Providence. He’s a very entertaining and passionate speaker delivering an important message. Please watch and enjoy.


Interestingly, he closes by asking why we aren’t colonizing the sea. Sounds like he’s an advocate for seasteading, too.

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