Sea(cret) Santa: Localized Time and Tide Clock

Tide-clockJust 22 shopping days left and Sea(cret) Santa is here to help with some some nautical gift and stocking stuffer suggestions.

From the Massachusetts Bay Trading Company:

This combination instrument features a quartz clock movement and a high quality tide clock in one package. The wall-mounted unit is framed in solid wood with a glass cover. The frame is made from poplar wood that is given a quality maple finish. The clock movement runs on AA batteries. Dimensions- 9 inches wide x 17 inches high. The wooden frame is approximately 3/4″ wide.

The combo instrument background nautical chart may be customized for any area of your choice, including the Great Lakes. Specify the location you would like for the background in the space provided above. Be as specific as possible. Please be sure to include a town or feature that you would like to be near the center of the chart. The default background, if you do not specify one, is the Boston harbor. Depending on the map, it will be mounted either vertically or horizontally. If you require specifically a vertical or horizontal orientation, please specify it in the text area above, along with your requested region for the background. Generally ships in 1 – 2 weeks. Price: $115.

Keep your mariner current with this gift!

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