Tsumani at Sea (Japan Coast Guard video)


  • 0:08 brace yourself guys, hold on tight.
  • 0:13 I have no idea what will happen to you if you are not holding on something.
  • 0:20 10 meter high, guys
  • 0:30 wowwwwwwwwwwwww
  • 0:38 good, we’ve just gone over it. the second wave is coming.
  • 0:43 this is bigger than the last one.
  • 0:50 Speed up, navigator!
  • 0:54 both screws at 20
  • 0:56 the fourth wave two miles ahead.
  • 1:13 now 1.6 miles ahead
  • 1:16 keep both screws at 20

Credit (and disclaimer): Video and translation via Russia Today on YouTube

Amazing Chilean Earthquake Tsunami Wave Energy Animation (via NOAA)

This post of NOAA’s Wave Energy Distribution Map (computer modeled) was a very popular Sea-Fever post over the weekend.

If you think that graphic was impressive, the below animation will definitely rock your boat.

Flag dip to Open Culture on Twitter.

The Tsunami: What Happened

Thankfully Hawaii was spared from the tsunami from the Chile earthquake this afternoon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But there seemed to be slightly more effect in Mexico.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Finally, did you know that there was a 7.0 earthquake 50 miles off Japan yesterday that could have caused a pretty significant tsunami. I didn’t.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Surviving a Tsunami: Lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and Japan (1960)(via USGS)

Hawaii Tsunami 1960 via USGS

Eerily useful, but potentially late, USGS reference as we await the arrival of a tsunami on the shores of Hawaii from the coast of Chile.  Great graphics and explanations about earthquakes and tsunamis.

Surviving a Tsunami—Lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and Japan compiled by Brian F. Atwater, Marco Cisternas V., Joanne Bourgeois, Walter C. Dudley, James W. Hendley II, and Peter H.Stauffer – 1999; Reprinted 2001; revised and reprinted 2005

Prepared in cooperation with Universidad Austral de Chile, the University of Tokyo, the University of Washington, the Geological Survey of Japan, and the Pacific Tsunami Museum