NOAA DYI ROV (aka mini-submarine in a bucket)

Now that summer’s here you’ll probably be looking for some fun projects to occupy the kids. How about building your own ROV.


With NOAA’s help now you can! Here’s a link to a download with the instructions as well as shopping and tool lists. (ROV in a Bucket by Doug Levin, NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office) It’ll set you back about $100 but think of all of the hours of enjoyment you and the kids will get from building and operating it. There’s even a downloadable lesson plan for middle and high school students that talks about careers in science and technology as well as buoyancy, navigation and exploration.

Some kids take this stuff very seriously.

YouTube – MATE international student ROV competition

In case the DYI ROV is too ambitious, here are instructions to make an origami USS Monitor from The Mariners Museum via NOAA.

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