Are you sinking, missing or rocking the boat?

I’m a sucka for a good maritime metaphor so check out my Weekly Leader post about Bill Taylor’s post on his Practically Radical blog over at the HarvardBusiness blogs. Taylor was a founder of Fast Company magazine and author of business bestseller Mavericks at Work and always thoughtful writer and entertaining speaker on leadership. Instead of repeating it here, please check it out over at Weekly Leader.

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The Launch of the Weekly Leader Podcast

Weekly Leader podcast On the very unlikely chance that you are not a subscriber or regular reader of my other Internet baby, Weekly Leader, we launched a podcast yesterday and you should listen to it and give me your feedback.

I’m lucky to have had Pam Fox Rollin as a co-host for this first episode and even luckier to have had the opportunity to interview Peter Aceto who is the CEO of ING Direct Canada.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

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The Launch of Weekly Leader


For the past few months I’ve been making a few subtle changes to the Sea-Fever blog that you probably haven’t even noticed. First of all I changed the tag line by eliminating the word “leadership” and focusing things on maritime culture. I’ve also changed the sidebar slightly and edited the links. Nothing major.

At the same time these changes happened here, I’ve been working quietly and diligently on another web project. It’s called Weekly Leader, an online magazine focused on Leadership that launched in beta today. I am very excited about it and hope you will take a look and give me your feedback. Like nearly everything on the web, it’s still a work in progress.

In September Sea-Fever experienced its biggest month ever and I thank all of your incredible interest and support. I am more committed than ever in trying bring you fresh and interesting content on maritime culture. Over the next few months I will probably be moving Sea-Fever from to a self hosted WordPress site to give me a little more flexibility. I am hoping to accomplish this with as little disruption as possible.

So I’d really appreciate it if you would head over to Weekly Leader, take a look around and share your thoughts with me.

Again thanks for all of the tremendous support here!

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