NY Times – Museum Review – USS Monitor Center, Newport News, VA

In today’s New York Times, Edward Rothstein wrote a great review of the recently opened U.S.S. Monitor Center at The Mariner’s Museum in Newport News, VA. (A Celebrity Warship Gets a Hall of Fame to Call Its Own)

Gary C. Knapp for The New York Times

The Mariner Museum and U.S.S. Monitor Center’s website is chockfull of interesting and educational information. Also, be sure to visit the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary website.

According to the article, the museum has only been drawing about 60,000 visitors a year; however, with this significant addition, they will surely draw many more in the future. The Monitor is not only a Civil War “Celebrity Warship”, but she also marks a major turning point in naval history about which Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote:

“All the pomp and splendor of naval warfare are gone by. Henceforth there must come up a race of enginemen and smoke-blackened commoners who will hammer away at their enemies under the direction of a single pair of eyes.”

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