Monday Morning Motivator – Marshall Goldsmith – Leading @ Google

One of the powerful things about the Internet is that it gives us access to some of the world’s greatest thinkers. Here’s a video of a presentation by leadership guru / management coach Marshall Goldsmith. He’s an entertaining presenter full of commonsense actionable ideas. I know its tough to set aside about an hour to watch this but if you do you’ll come away with the tools to be a more effective leader.

Goldsmith’s website is full of useful downloadable content. Check out

Latest NY Times Wall Street Journal bestseller: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful

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Russian Nuclear Icebreakers (Via Dark Roasted Blend)

Russian icebreakers

One of my favorite blogs, Dark Roasted Blend, had a great post (March 28, 2008) with AMAZING photography titled Russian Nuclear Icebreakers: to the North Pole! You really should directly check out this post so I won’t recap it here but here’s a YouTube video of the Russian nuclear icebreaker Yamal.

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Sunday VOW’s (Videos of the Week – March 30, 2008)

The Yacht Lot

It’s the time of year when people start getting antsy about launching their boats and getting underway. Many may also be in the market for that special vessel for the summer. As a public service, Sea-Fever is pleased to let our readers know about a few special yachts that are currently on the market.


The Wealth Report blog in the Wall Street Journal reports that Tom Perkins Puts Superyacht on Market. (March 26, 2008 )


Alright their name is downright silly, but Wally makes some of the most extreme and expensive gigayachts in the world. These clearly aren’t for everybody but if you own a refinery and have big bollards, this might be just right boat.

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond takes a look.

In case you need another look.

$20,000,000 Drastically reduced!!!

You can’t help feeling bad when a hiphop impresario falls on tough times and has to liquidate assets. Here’s an interesting take on the story. (WARNING: Strange and Not Safe for Work or Family Friendly)

EBay listing

Happy shopping and smooth sailing!

Sea-Fever Style: Air Bear in NYC

This is off topic from what is usually covered here but heck it is my personal blog and I love this street art by Joshua Allen Harris.

Using discarded plastic bags, Harris makes animals and other mysterious creatures that jump to life on NYC subway grates. There is something really magical about this. Hope you enjoy it too!

Via the always interesting Wooster Collective blog

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Messing About In Ships podcast episode 17

Lou Vest calendar photo Jan 2008 Heather Knutsen - header This week we bring you the real life experience obtaining a TWIC ( Transportation Worker’s Identification Card ) with Captain Kelly Sweeney, monthly contributor to Professional Mariner magazine and author of From the Bridge: Authentic Modern Sea Stories. For more real life experiences in obtaining TWICs visit the TWIC Page of gCaptain’s Forum.

Download MP3 file: Messing About In Ships 17 – TWIC

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Shownotes at the Messing About In Ships blog

What’s that Giant Sucking Sound Down Under?

BLDGBLOG had a great post today about a giant eddy recently discovered off the coast of Australia.


Somebody better get the word out to Reid Stowe on Schooner Anne so that he can make sure not to sail into it and never be seen again.

Speaking of Stowe, earlier this week he passed 333 of his planned 1,000 days at sea. Strangely, his post for that day didn’t even mention this major milestone. Ever since Soanya evacuated from the Mars Ocean Odyssey, the writing style and tone of the blog have take strange turn. The marvels of modern technology gives us a regular glimpse into the life of long distance/duration solo sailor. It’s getting darkly interesting.

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Rounding out my last few blog posts, here’s a lesson about Waves from Twitter Sailor Darusha from her presentation at the Bluewater Cruising Association weather seminar. Nice job.

Darusha and Steve keep a blog about their sailing adventures aboard their 45′ centre-cockpit cutter rigged sloop, custom designed by Stan Huntingford and built in 1980 by Schmidt Boatworks in Sidney, BC. Their blog, S.V. Scream, is also the name of the boat.  From “about us:”

Steven and Darusha learned to sail in a classroom in Ross Shepherd High School in Edmonton, Alberta from a Continuing Education class that they thought would be about power boating. After a couple of afternoons on Lake Wabamun, they had attained their Basic Cruising standard through the Canadian Yachting Association and had caught the bug.

Always amazed by how sailing can change life course.

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