Diversity at Sea (Jubilee Sailing Trust Video)

jstlogo-2 The Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is an incredible sail training organization that operates two tall ships, the Lord Nelson and the Tenacious, that are fully accessible. From their website:

The JST is a UK based charity (registered charity number 277810) that aims to promote the integration of able-bodied and physically disabled people through adventure tall ship sailing holidays. The JST welcomes people from all over the world onto its two specially designed tall ships the LORD NELSON and TENACIOUS.

Each ship is able to take a voyage crew of 40 aged 16 years and over, who sail alongside the professional crew of 10. The voyage crew is divided into 20 able-bodied voyagers and 20 disabled voyagers, including up to eight wheelchair users. To date the JST has taken well over 28,600 people to sea; over 11,100 of them have been disabled and over 4,280 of those have been wheelchair users. The ships have been designed with many special features, ensuring that everyone on board is able to take a full and active part in the running of the vessel.

In order to fulfil the aims of the JST and to be able to run and maintain these two wonderful ships, the JST relies on charitable donations. If you would like to support the aims of the JST, or sponsor an individual to sail with us please visit our fundraising section.

This video does a great job of capturing the incredible opportunities available on these extraordinary vessels.

Tired of life without adventure? Hop aboard one of the Jubilee Sailing Trust vessels for a “tall ship sailing adventure for everyone!” You will be inspired!

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