Follow the Ups and Downs of London’s Tower Bridge on Twitter

twitter_logo A couple weeks ago the blogoshere was abuzz about the plant that Twitter’s. Well, that might be interesting to horticulturists, florists and plain old plant lovers but it really doesn’t float my boat.

However, I was excited to learn (via Russell Davies blog) that one of the most famous bridges in the world uses Twitter to tell the world about it’s ups and downs. You can now follow London’s Tower Bridge for the latest activity on River Thames. Now this is something us mariner types can really appreciate.


Not on Twitter? Don’t even know what Twitter is? Here’s a great short video by Lee Lefever of CommonCraft that explains things.

Twitter’s free so you should consider joining and if you do, you can follow me at; I’ll end up following you back too. There’s also a group of sailing enthusiasts on Twitter that you can join or follow. Give it a try, it can fun and useful after you get the hang of it.

Photo credit: Diliff via Wikipedia.

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