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FotoFriday with Bonus Audio: US Air Flight 1549 Crash into the Hudson Plus Tug Captain Interview by Peter A. Mello
January 16, 2009, 6:17 pm
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Plane Crash Into Hudson River by Grego on

Here is one of the first photos taken of US Air flight 1549 “landing” in the Hudson River on January 15, 2009. There are no vessels in the vicinity and you can still see the plane’s wake! (BTW, planes aren’t supposed to make wakes!) Click on photo for link to larger version to get full appreciation of how miraculous it was that no one was killed or even seriously injured.

One of the first vessels on the scene was a tug owned by Tucker-Roy Marine Salvage hailing from New Bedford, MA. The tug captain was Conrad H. Roy Jr. who also happened to graduate from my alma mater, Tabor Academy. Ken Belson of the NY Times, who interviewed Captain Roy, wrote “his quick decision proved critical, because his tugboat played a big role in stabilizing and then hauling the US Airways jet, an Airbus A320, to shore.”

Untitled by 3-rjs on

Here’s a six minute interview with Captain Roy from the City Room blog of NY Times website:

Just yesterday I posted about the horrendous maritime casualties that have been experienced on Asian ferries over the years. (Scary Asian Ferries) In contrast, the story about the incredible judgment and execution by everyone involved in the US Air water landing from the pilot, flight crew, US Coast Guard, NY police and fire departments, the NYC ferries and Captain Roy and his crew makes this one of the most amazing maritime rescue stories for a long time. Maybe ever!

Kudos to all and especially Captain Roy and his crew for an amazing demonstration of leadership and seamanship that should make all Tabor alums proud! If you want to learn more about Tabor Academy’s long history and tradition of maritime heritage please check out The Tabor Boy Project.

Thanks to fellow Tabor alum and Facebook friend Saran ObamaMama Mignott-Vialva for the tip!

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bravo! i’m linking this to my post.

Comment by tugster

Terrific find. Thanks and congrats to Conrad Roy. Remember his dad well taking care of the waterfront at TA.

Comment by DanCooney

Look at that! Go Tabor!!!

Comment by Saran Mignott-Viavla

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